After my divorce, I was left alone to deal with the pain and suffering.

Instead of living in my home, I found myself in a 300 square foot apartment.

Instead of hearing the sounds of my children's feet scampering up the stairs, I heard silence.

Screaming, shouting silence.

All day and all night.

I did not know how to survive.

I was on antidepressants for two years until a hallucination and nightmare convinced me that I must stop.

At that time, I never believed that I could have a better life, any life.

My sense of loss was deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Have you felt that type of despair and isolation?

Here are some ways to rebuild your life after divorce.

1. When You Are Given Your Walking Papers

Start walking for real.

Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

10k steps are about 5 miles of walking.

Which translates into about an hour of walking every day.

Shoot for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Walking will loosen the burdens of your mind.

You will see the sky, trees, a world around you that is much bigger than your personal problems.

The fresh air will make you feel better.

You will sleep better.

Divorce is a huge stress on your body.

And your body does not deserve it.

Take care of yourself.

Your new habit of walking 30 – 60 minutes a day will be the foundation for rebuilding your life.

Because every good habit is going to develop into more powerful ways to turn your life around.

2. And You Are Pushed Out Of Your Own Life

You might feel like you were cut out of your own family portrait.

Your children do not live with you.

Your home is no longer your home.

In fact, the court forced you to leave your house.

Whether you live in your car, a garage or your friend's basement.

You have to start pushing back, for yourself, to recover.

What is the simplest exercise you can do in a small space?

Start doing push ups.

Push yourself.

Even if you can only do one, do one push up.

Do push ups 10 minutes a day while you are watching tv or when you have a break.

Most likely, you have more time on your hand after divorce.

You lost your sense of identity and sometimes it feels like you do not exist.

Push ups and getting stronger will undo those feelings and help boost your confidence.

Strong body, strong mind.

Can you do 100 push ups today?

If not, start working on it till you can do 100 push ups in ten minutes.

3. How Can You Boost Your Mood?

To recover from divorce, you have to start building up your strength.

Lift weights to lift your mood.

Do the hardest compound movements that you can.

If you are capable of doing deadlifts and squats, great.

If not, you can start with simpler bodyweight exercises or weight training.

The physical strength is going to help you bear the mental burdens of divorce and loss.