How to Fight Depression with Fitness of Body and Mind One Day at a Time

Six Days to Six Pack Abs – Sixth Day Setback

Oh this hurts. My knee…all I was doing was going up to the pullup assist machine and felt a twinge in my right knee cap. I had just finished a set of squats with 85lbs, shoulder presses with 85lbs, 15 pushups and upright rows and just wanted to finish off with pullups and I felt […]

Build a stronger body to Build a stronger mind to help depression

Why There Will Be No Cure for Depression

I came across this article today and thought you might be interested in reading in case you have not seen it. I had not and it piqued my curiosity because I was wondering if depression can ever be cured. Why There Will Be No Cure for Depression by Jonathan Rottenberg Associate Professor of Psychology, University […]

How to Stop Depression

How to Stop Depression with Zehhu How to Stop Depression is an exercise that you must keep in your arsenal if you want to be fit in both body and mind. What is the point of being in great shape yet being depressed most if not all of your waking hours? What is the point […]

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