25+ Powerful Benefits of Deadlifts to Transform your Body and Mind!

Benefits of Deadlifts Before After Credit John Stone Fitness

Benefits of Deadlifts – 25+ Reasons to Deadlift

If you ever had any questions about the benefits of deadlifts, the before and after picture below of  John Stone  should answer them. Your only question now should be when to start and how to proper form deadlifts for maximum effectiveness. Did you ever consider the advantages of deadlifting for losing fat, building muscle and fighting […]

How to Use Weight Lifting and Real Food to Get Fit at any Age!


Benefits of Deadlifting after 50

  Benefits of Deadlifting after 50 Why You Should Not Give Up On Getting Stronger!   Are you over 50 and wondering if  the  benefits of deadlifting  could apply to you as well? The truth is that deadlifting benefits can apply to anyone of any age, but today, I want to focus on people who […]


pushups built this body

40 Pushups Straight – Progress, Not Perfection

This is just a post to motivate you to start doing pushups, gradually. Why? Because pushups are a full body exercise that you can do anywhere and they will start to change your physique, little by little until you cannot even recognize the body that you started with. It will be gone. The jello will have turned into actual muscle. Just be patient and do not … Continue Reading

Is Wheat so Bad for You that you have to X it out of your life? Read on and you Decide.

Is Wheat Bad For You ?

Is Wheat Bad For You? I never would have thought of even asking such a question. My guess is that you might not ever think of that as well. Asking is wheat bad for you is like asking are cars bad for you. Granted that there are accidents, but without cars, the country would come to a grinding halt. Without wheat, wouldnt the same happen? Look at most of the … Continue Reading

benefit of exercise for the brain

Benefits of Exercise for the Brain

It is great to see that new research data supports what I have been writing about for the last two years - the benefits of exercise for the brain, that exercise will help to relieve depression. Salvation cannot just be found in a bottle. Take a look at the article below to get the full story. The short message is to get off your butt and start moving - that … Continue Reading

How to Loose Weight Fast – 7 Days of Menus

Did I mean how to loose weight fast or how to lose weight fast. Actually both. Sometimes, I do not like to use the word lose as it has a bit of a negative connotation. Rather I thought it might be more accurate to say how to loose weight fast because when you start to drop the weight, it feels like you are releasing the spare tire, like you are freeing … Continue Reading

How to Lose Body Fat Fast – Day 8

Last recorded weight: 196.5 lbs on 9/08/2014 Other Measurements Last Entry Today's Entry Track Additional Measurements | Edit Previous Entries Neck None Waist None % Body Fat 22.9 on 9/08/2014 Maximum Push Ups 31 on 9/08/2014 Total Push Ups 73 on 9/08/2014 Squats 5 on 12/02/2013 BMI … Continue Reading

Is Gluten Making You Depressed?

Is gluten making you depressed? You might have been wondering for months, years or decades as to why you are down, depressed, in a brain fog. There might be dietary links to your depression. Here is an excellent article which discusses the potential relationship between gluten and depression. Several years ago, out of desperation, I cut grains completely out … Continue Reading

exercise provides some benefits for depression study

Exercise Provides Some Benefits for Depression Study

Are there studies that show exercise provides some benefits for depression? Up until today, most of my articles are purely based on my own observations. Everything, or nearly everything that I have written about has been through the lens of how real food and lifting myself up off of the ground, out of the chair and into the gym, how they have helped me in my … Continue Reading

Day 4 to get to 10% Body Fat

Today's check in: Last recorded weight: 201.2 lbs on 9/03/2014 Other Measurements Last Entry Today's Entry Track Additional Measurements | Edit Previous Entries Neck None Waist None % Body Fat 23.9 on 9/03/2014 Maximum Push Ups 15 on 5/15/2014 Total Push Ups 30 on 5/15/2014 Squats 5 on … Continue Reading

Day 1 to 10% Bodyfat – 201.4lbs 24.1%Fat

All Beginnings are Difficult. How long have you struggled with weight issues? I know myself how ridiculous it seems, how frustrating it is. The other day I saw some videos of lions and tigers doing their thing in the jungle, eating their food, not worrying too much about points, calories, grams of carbohydrates. But having said that, I am willing to … Continue Reading

best fat burner for men

Best Fat Burner for Men Lifestyle

Gradual improvement is behind the best fat burner for men lifestyle.   My belief is that this approach will work for both men and women, but since I can only experiment on myse I will have to leave it as the best fat burner for men lifestyle.   If you found this page because you are looking for a best fat burner for men supplement, I am … Continue Reading

How to Deal with Depression Diet. Is there such a thing? Can you treat your depression with the foods you eat? You might be surprised to learn that you can!

How to Deal with Depression Diet

Usually we think of diets as a way to reduce weight. A diet for how to deal with depression is not the first idea that pops into our head when we think of diet. The fact is though that before you run to the doctor for antidepressant medication, it might make sense for you to check out the how to deal with depression diet. Is there such a thing? Evidence … Continue Reading

how to deal with depression without medications

How to Deal with Depression Without Medication

How to deal with depression without medication? In some circles, just asking that question is bound to ruffle some feathers. The first time that I went to an official 'head doctor' to speak about dealing with feelings of sadness, depression, the only treatment that he offered was a prescription for prozac. I do appreciate that this was apparently this … Continue Reading