Benefits of Deadlifting after 50

Progressive Resistance Is A Great Way To Build Strength And Burn Fat

How to Increase Deadlift is the question that we need some answers to if we are going to get stronger. If we can deadlift more weight, then we will build more muscle to handle that weight. Typically, my posts run more than a 1,000, sometimes 2,000 words. I have decided to try a new model […]

New Blood Test to Detect Depression

benefit of exercise for the brain

Benefits of Exercise for the Brain

It is great to see that new research data supports what I have been writing about for the last two years – the benefits of exercise for the brain, that exercise will help to relieve depression. Salvation cannot just be found in a bottle. Take a look at the article below to get the full […]


Benefits of Deadlifts Before After Credit John Stone Fitness

Benefits of Deadlifts – 25+ Reasons to Deadlift

If you ever had any questions about the benefits of deadlifts, the before and after picture above of  John Stone  should answer them. Your only question now should be when to start and how to proper form deadlifts for maximum effectiveness. Did you ever consider the advantages of deadlifting for losing fat, building muscle and fighting depression? Yea, … Continue Reading

Focus On Yourself

I know that "Focus On Yourself", this might sound selfish, but I think as we go on here, we can all see that what might seem selfish at the outset, is actually a great benefit to those that we care about in the long run. Many years ago, I spent alot of time writing about why I thought I was experiencing some very isolating situations, separations from … Continue Reading


Get A Life

It is now officially six months, actually over six months, 183 days into Hashi Mashi here. I began on June 21, 2012 and today is December 21, 2012. Happens to be my birthday as well, yea, I have a couple. In any case, I started Hashi Mashi specifically to lose weight. I was 230lbs and was very uncomfortable in my body, had constant heartburn, indigestion and … Continue Reading

Hit 56 Consecutive!

Today is my Rocky moment, sort of! As I have mentioned before in other posts about pushups, the routine I follow is one day for the maximum number that I can do and the following two days with one day in between for rest, I do 5 sets , currently my high point start for the first of those sets was 46 last week. So, today was my max day for pushups, wow, even … Continue Reading

200th Day! 70 Pushups Straight!

Today is the 200th day of Hashi Mashi for me. It is hard to believe, but I did start way back on June 21, 2012 and there have been so many changes, physically, mentally, spiritually. First off, let me start where I began, which have been the physical changes. I have yet to take any specific pills or vitamins. I have read that for someone living in the … Continue Reading

Depression Treatment Courtesy of the Beauty of Nature. See how a simple vineyard can you put you on the road to recovery from depression.

Depression Treatment ~ The Vineyard

How to Treat Depression With Nature How a Simple Vineyard Can Start You on the Road to Recovery     What is the relationship between rebuilding one's life and a vineyard? What can a Vineyard teach us about such an undertaking. There does not seem to be any relevance at first glance. Can the beauty of nature be as valid a depression treatment as … Continue Reading

Weight Loss Fast Tips

175 Days Before After – Hashi Mashi Results

Here is a new Before After set which I took yesterday on Dec 12, 2012. I am posting this today because I had started on a Thursday (June 21, 2012) and today is 175 days! This set came about because of one of our crew here, Mary, who urged me to do something special for my birthday, so what I did was go and get a new suit since my old ones were not fitting … Continue Reading

Get Lean Challenge!

Challenge yourself to lose weight, get stronger, transform your body, emotions and spirit. Lose fat, gain muscle, relieve anxiety or depression with real food and strength training, start today! For years, I have read the experiences of fellow parents on the site, a site which serves … Continue Reading

30 Min Workout!

How much time does it take to get fit? How much time does it take to maintain fitness? I remember when I needed to allocate an hour or even more to get in a workout. I also remember that despite doing workouts exceeding an hour or more, I was still fat! Yea, people would always say to me, you are not fat, just a little husky. But if you look at my … Continue Reading


Eli Begins Day 1

Eli's Quest To Get Back Into Shape Show Your Support! Eli's Goal Is To Be Lean And Defined By July 4th, 2013!   Updates from now on will be by Eli himself! Eli used to do 100 pushups at a shot. Eli was into boxing and trained quite a bit, even having an eight pack! Oh boy, where did the eight pack go? We all know the answer to that one. Snickers, chips, … Continue Reading

Max Pushup High 80

On day 242, I reached my new high for consecutive pushups. As I have mentioned before, I usually reserve monday for my max day for pushups. One day, when I can finally do one, I will add pullups into the mix, but in the meantime, it is pushups. When I got up to 50, I felt like I could possibly go for 70, when I got to 60, I still thought I could hit 70, but … Continue Reading

Hello World Day 1

Hello World, I have decided that after living in almost a decade of silence, that it is time for me to find a voice and be more consistent and productive in the basics as best as I can. I have been struggling with being heavy physically & in depression emotionally for quite a long time. Instead of focusing on the past, I want to explore techniques, … Continue Reading



So, things were going really great, I was about to update the table that I have been keeping from the beginning which would show that I was down to 175lb, 18% bodyfat and a 31" waist, when I got a bit distracted. That is the reason that I have been out of touch for this last month. But I am pushing myself in a couple of new ways that I think I should share, … Continue Reading

how to lose ten pounds in two weeks

Chef Yassin

Diet Plan For Hashi Mashi Day One Diet plans, how many have I tried? So many! Okay folks, here it is , my new attempt at a new diet plan. This is a basic guide of what I will be trying to do moving forward, specifically eat real food, get real strong, go gradual. I will admit I have been all over the map with diets, from weight watchers to macrobiotics, … Continue Reading

Pushup High

Yesterday was my all time pushup high. Believe it or not, and I am saying this to myself, I did a total of 225 pushups. Huh? Only six months ago, my total number of pushups in one day was 5. Yes, 5. There is no way that I could have believed back then that I could do more than 15 in a row, 20, 30 and certainly not 40. What do I like so much about pushups? … Continue Reading

Squat Challenge - The Benefits of Squats to Build a Powerful Body - Start Today!

Squat Challenge – The Benefits Of Squats

Squat Challenge - The Benefits of Squats 20 Reasons to Keep Squatting - The King of Free Weight Exercises The Squat Challenge is one that I accepted over a year ago and I can attest that squats have been changing my physique more than any exercise that I have ever done. What is the Squat Challenge? In my book, it means to accept upon yourself to … Continue Reading

Chef Zaza

Starting off with a good breakfast in the morning is a key ingredient to getting lean and staying lean, to losing the weight and the the fat for good and replacing it with muscle you can build through strength training. A favorite of Breakfast of mine is Hashi Mashi, essentially an egg omelete with plenty of vegetables, hummus, olives and avocado. Any … Continue Reading

Different Results

Today is 190 days into this amazing experience. The reason that I say amazing is because I have tried so many times before to lose weight, to get fit, to get down to a 40" waist, let alone 32. Years and years, and some more years of doing the same thing, doing the elliptical, counting the calories, counting points on weight watchers, being macrobiotic, … Continue Reading

Don’t Give Up!

I totally blew it yesterday, both on the insomnia front as well as the nail biting front. Yep, my bad. I did not blow it though on the food front, nor on exercise. Actually, I did not exercise at all yesterday, except for taking a long walk from Union Square to Midtown. But I could not get to sleep till again 6am and the anxiety of that had me causing too … Continue Reading

Squat High 135!

Today, I hit a number which I thought was pretty much impossible for me for a few reasons...the first being that 135lbs is the olympic sized bar, which weighs 45lbs, loaded with two 45lb plates, usually the biggest plates that are in the weightlifting area. When I first went to the weight room back in June or July, I saw some guys lifting with these plates … Continue Reading